Sábado relajante

Even though I’ll pay for it tomorrow, I gave myself today off. Of course, that meant I was up at the crack of dawn after not nearly enough sleep (although it was very good quality!). I was facing my first really nice day in weeks, not just blue sky, but sun and heat, so I put together a couple of loads of laundry and got one started. Laundry’s never a chore, and even more so when it means my bed will smell like sunshine and fresh air that night!

Then, I eased into my day by taking the time to make a nice breakfast of longaniza (crumbled pork sausage) quesadillas, with fruit and, of course, a cup of coffee, enjoyed on the back patio.

The day passed very languidly even though I got a lot done between all my doing rather nothing. I did get on the computer at one point and saw a posting for an event in Centro that I was interested in last week but didn’t go to because of the foul weather. Well, it had been postponed to today at 5:30! So that went on the calendar.

By early afternoon, my short night caught up with me so I tried to take a nap. Tried being the imperative word. I don’t know what my neighbour was doing, but closest I can describe it is it sounded like a angry swarm of hornets. Bzzzzzzzz. Oh, well, I was being rather optimistic for a gorgeous Saturday afternoon!

I headed out around 4:00 and was bewildered to get dropped at a different stop than usual (there’s been a lot of road closures lately). Thankfully, with streets being numbered and my being orientated as to the street coordinates of familiar landmarks, I just had to glance at the street markers for where I was dropped and I was able to head off in the general direction of my destination, Parque de la Ermita de Santa Isabel, in a neighbourhood I’d never been to. I had to walk west to 66 and then south to 77-ish.

I stopped for an ice cream at Plaza Grande. My choices were a proper ice cream parlour where I got two (small) scoops of real ice cream for $25, or Dairy Queen where I know that their non-dairy frozen goop Blizzards are about $45 for a mini. I found it interesting that there was a lineup out the door for DQ and that everyone appeared Mexican while the few patrons at the ice cream shop appeared to be expats or tourists.

Plaza Grande was pretty quiet. I can’t believe I found a bench!

I done good moving here. 🙂

Out of the main touristy area, Centro was quiet.

Amusing motorcycle repair shop name: The Crazy Pedal!

Parque La Ermita de Santa Isabel

Church of la Ermita de Santa Isabel

I thought the event was in the park as there is a gazebo, but as we got closer to 5:30 I concluded that I was in the wrong location. I looked up the flyer again and saw no helpful information as to how I could be where I was and it not be the right place. I Googled the event and with the right combination of keywords found another ad that said that the concert was in a location “junto” to the church. Junto means right next to it, like stuck to it. I looked around and realised that there could very well be a walled outdoor space behind the church and, spotting an open door in the wall, I went through it into a secret garden.

I was there to listen to a free concert of opera and zarzuelas. I love opera and promised myself that if there were any performances in Mérida, I would make an effort to see them. I’m not a connoisseur beyond knowing that Puccini is my favourite, Wagner is my least favourite, the opera version of Carmen is a disgrace, and I will never get tired of Madama Butterfly. I just love how opera makes me feel as it washes over me in waves of emotion.

The show was incredible. By the end I was vibrating and feeling completely shattered in the best way. They started with several arias from La Traviata and then even more complex pieces. What incredible voices! I liked that each piece was introduced to set it in a bit of context and tell us what was said. Thankfully, I had no trouble understanding any of that, so I got the full benefit of the show. Near the end, the performers brought a local political candidate, who sponsored the show, on stage to sing the Spanish version of Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top” (Tu eres el mejor). It was hilarious, especially with the pantomiming!

The show lasted almost 90 minutes and even after two encores, I was sad to have it over!

Of course, such a special evening had to include a special meal, so I hiked the 2KM north to Pita to have falafel. I decided that from there, I would continue pushing north almost another kilometre to catch a bus around Parque Santa Ana, a sure bet, rather than trying to figure out where to catch a bus around Plaza Grande since the stops have moved.

I sat in the courtyard since it was such a comfortable evening. Normally, I have a limonada mineral, but went with a beer tonight, which was only a peso more for some types! A chose a Pacifico for old time’s sake — much as I love Mérida, there is a lot about Mazatlán to be homesick for!

Dinner savoured, I was completely done in by my surprisingly full relaxing Saturday. I was actually happy to walk the few blocks to Parque Santa Ana, but even happier when I decided I was ready to get on a bus and not only did one come by, but it stopped for me!

10 thoughts on “Sábado relajante

  1. I am still enjoying following your life… I don’t use social media so do not see anything you might be sharing that way. I am always amazed at how actively, efficiently and precisely you use your time…

    I entered all the gobbledygook to receive whatever that was supposed to do but no luck… Are you able to send it to me whereby I merely have to click on it? Please?

    • Hi Helen,

      I’m hoping that with the Instagram pics posting here automatically, that would help with those who don’t follow social media. You’re really not missing much. I do sometimes post on Facebook, but you can see that in the right-hand sidebar of the blog.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand which gobbleygook you’re referring to… 🙂

  2. What a magnificent day! The thrill of “heavy” music – the kind the resounds in your gut – is always a thrill for me. I loved my days in the band and orchestra in high school, and long to be directly in the center of that sound again!

    Texaco formerly (maybe still does) sponsored Opera Hour on PBS for many years on Saturday afternoons about one o’clock. I tried to make it a point to be out in my car at that time so I could turn up the volume and let it reverberate throughout my body without annoying anyone. Other members of my household did not appreciate the “screeching”!

    Virtual hugs,


    • It’s funny how much I love how opera vibrates through me, but I have such an issue with “bass-y” music that makes my heart thump.

      A nice thing about living alone is you can blare opera! Well, to a point — don’t want any hate mail from the neighbours!

  3. I LOVE Puccini! Though it’s La Boheme that does it for me…

    I’m fond of Mozart’s operas, too. Rude and sweet and vibrant.

    We are just back from a trip to Tucson with Daughter and her fiance — Daughter has an etsy business selling rock specimens, and Tucson’s rock and gem shows were going full bore. We spent a few days in Yuma (including the Territorial Prison museum, which was very cool) — then I, then the Brick, came down with some of the worst flu I have ever experienced. Still dealing with it.

    • Hi Cindy!

      “Rude and sweet and vibrant.” Oh, what a lovely and perfect way to describe a Mozart opera!

      Thanks for the update! Glad the family’s doing well, not so glad you caught that flu. Hope you get well soon!

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