Real Potatoes Have Landed in Mérida!

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In May 2021 came exciting news that the ban on American potatoes was being rescinded and that real potatoes would soon be coming to Mexico! Now, I’m not much of a fan of potatoes, but that probably has something to do with just how bad are the little white Mexican potatoes. I do love a baked Russet, especially the crispy skin, and Russets are the potato of choice to make real (ie. Québécois-style) French fries.

I had an impromptu day off yesterday and still being kitchenless, I decided to do a Costco run to get easy-to-prepare items that would offer me more variety than what I can get at the supermarkets, like better quality/healthier cold cuts and salad mixes.

Look at what I found in the vegetable aisle!

This 10lb bag was only 152 pesos, the reasonable price a hint that it was not a one-off special item. It seemed like a lot of potatoes for one person who is not a big fan of potatoes, but I got on the Mérida Food Hunt group while I was waiting in the very long check-out queue and found a Danish gentleman who was happy to split a bag with me. I sent him my address while I endured the long wait for an Uber, and he was at my place about 20 minutes after I got home. Someone was craving real potatoes!

I promptly made my favourite coleslaw vinaigrette to coat a bag of kale coleslaw, then put four potatoes on to bake. Once they showed promise of getting soft (which was MUCh faster in the Cuisinart oven than in the gas oven!), I added a prepared pork roast the chef has never let me buy before. Everything was so delicious! I served the potato with Lurpak (Danish) butter, salt, pepper, and crema. I’ve been away from real sour cream so long now that I don’t even miss it. I just wish I’d had a little green onion also.

Very good pork roast, need to convince the chef to get it again.

I learned today that at least one Soriana is now carrying Idaho potatoes, so I suspect this product is about to go mainstream and will no longer be a black market item. I just need to learn how make cheese curds and beef gravy, invest in a fryer, and then I can open up a poutine restaurant! (I don’t even know if I’m being facetious about this — I do want to learn how to make those items, and if I pull it off, I know plenty of Quebecers here who would likely pay me for a real poutine a week… And soon as I see that I can get Russets consistently, I am going to get a fryer just to make French fries!)