Quite the Storm!

The sky was getting quite angry earlier this evening so I checked the forecast and discovered a severe thunderstorm warning that even advised folks to put in their RV awnings!

I let L know and we got my awning in. Whew. I’m still not convinced it’s a one person job, but his awning is even more convoluted.

Shortly after that, the sky unleashed its wrath and I lost internet when my Yagi antenna spun 180 degrees. We also got some impressive hail!

My computer was losing its charge and it was pitch dark in here because I can’t charge the computer and turn on a light, so I decided to try starting the genset from inside. It worked! I did have to concede that I am still having problems with the fridge since it stops working when the genset is running even though it is always manually set to propane …

The storm didn’t last long and now we are having rather a nice sunset.