Proof That the SaskTel Governance Is the Issue

I’m scraping my jaw off the floor. I found a quote by the president of SaskTel from March of this year:

“‘High Speed Internet is essential in this day and age, whether you live in an urban or rural centre,'” said Ron Styles, SaskTel President and CEO. “Saskatchewan people deserve the same opportunities this access brings and SaskTel’s continued investment in providing this service is evidence of our commitment to this philosophy.'”

What a two-faced, lying, hypocritical rat bastard! This is the man who hasn’t answered any of my letters despite the office of the Ombudsman assuring me he would. If any of this prattle was true, his customer service team would have been advised to fix mistakes as soon as they were made aware of them.

So there’s the problem with SaskTel right there. I’ve always known it wasn’t the front line people (who are superb). With a hypocrite like this at the helm who knows that he has all the power in deciding which communities get service and which don’t, it’s no wonder nothing is getting done. Shame on him!