Not the Answer I Expected

I called Boisvert Ford this afternoon to get an idea of when Miranda will be ready. Surprise: they just have the oil change left!!!!!!!

This means they did not waste any time since there was about 24 hours of work to do, including eight hours for paint.

Even though I could pick her up first thing, I won’t be able to since I need to go spend the day with a client. Boisvert’s sales department is open till 9:00 on Thursdays, so I can pick her up on the way home. I hope that everything looks good and that I don’t have any questions that would mean delaying the pickup to Friday.

I should be able to start the battery bank project this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Not the Answer I Expected

  1. Hi Rae,
    Great news!!!! I thought by your title “Not the answer I expected” it was going to be bad news.
    Hoping everything is just as great.

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