Not Just Another Day in Paradise

Today has been A Day. LOL

I really didn’t have much on my to-do list. Work is still in the post-holiday slump so other than a small job and a Skype meeting this afternoon, it was going to be another super quiet day and I thought I’d finish early and get to work on finishing up my kitchen cubbies project.


I had been working for about five minutes when my computer crashed really hard. The last time I’ve had a computer crash that hard, I had to replace the hard drive. Thankfully, the issue was not with the main computer hard drive, but with my external media drive. I had partial backups, but had been moving stuff around on it in the last week and knew my backups were nowhere near complete. So I was very relieved that after I did a bunch of techie stuff that made me glad that a) I’m on a Mac and b) I’m not on a Canadian internet connection, while I couldn’t mount the drive or do anything particularly useful with it, the contents were safe. So I started a very long process of moving as much of the contents as I could to another drive so I could reformat and repair the media drive. Why bother doing that when I have backups? Because I don’t want to only have one copy of 10 years’ worth of photos!

Finally got all that under control and went to work. One of my clients emailed in with an order, which was great because it has been slooooooow since Christmas. I’ve had just enough to not feel very concerned about cash flow, but barely. Soon as I took his order, the dam broke loose. In the 30 minutes that followed, every single one of my active clients and a movie producer I haven’t spoken to in a year all emailed to place orders! Thankfully, I didn’t have to turn anyone down and while I will have to work this weekend, I haven’t done a completely 180 where I’m uncomfortably swamped.

I was still chuckling over this turn of events when I suddenly heard the sound of gushing water. The source was a pipe that goes from my rooftop tinaco to my service corridor. It appeared the entire tinaco was emptying itself!

This is a trickle compared to when the downpour started!

This caused the water pump to start to empty the ground level tinaco to refill the rooftop tinaco. I wasn’t sure at first that the pipe was coming from the tinaco, so I went upstairs and climbed onto the first floor’s roof (I don’t have easy access to the second roof, where the tinaco is). There, I was able to confirm that, yes, the piping was coming from the tinaco. While I was there, I checked the propane tank level and discovered it was just about empty so I made a mental note to order some once I’d dealt with the plumbing.

My first thought was that maybe this was a regular maintenance issue thing so I contacted the landlady to ask. She called me back about 40 minutes later when the water had stopped gushing. I really didn’t have all the vocabulary I needed so I did a lot of describing. She patiently listened and repeated back what she thought she heard until we were both sure she understood. She asked me if I had maybe left a tap open, but no. She agreed that this was very strange and her husband is going to come have a look. To be continued…

After I got off the phone with her, I used that momentum to call for propane. I decided to use a different service that some neighbours recommend because they have 24/7 service. The call was super easy and they said they would be here ASAP. I told them no rush, but… they showed up in 25 minutes!!! Talk about service! These guys were really great since they took the time to write on my receipt that I have a 300L tank, that it is currently half full, and that since I paid $1,500 for half a fill, then a full tank should cost me about $3,000. I’ll see how long half a tank lasts now that I’m cooking daily. If it’s more than three months, I don’t see the point of ordering more than half a tank at a time. If it’s less, then I might as well just bite the bullet. I paid cash, but could have paid with my debit card as they have a mobile terminal.

Then, I had my Skype meeting, which was trying since the internet in Fort Collins, CO, apparently sucks since there are always issues at the clients’ end with the calls. But we got through it and I’m super excited about what’s going to stem from our discussion. This is the non-transcription work I’m doing and the managers are working hard at sending me enough work that I’ll feel comfortable moving from a 10-hour a week retainer to 20!

That done, I went to the kitchen to see if I had any chicken in the freezer to make a curry for dinner. Yes! I got the chicken thawing and then made and bolted down a snack in lieu of a very late lunch.

Just as I was back in my chair with the headphones on, I heard a big truck stop in front of my house. Right, it’s Thursday; water! I had time to grab my jug and money and get to the door before they had time to ring the bell because, being a superwoman, I’m fast! 😉

So that’s the kind of day it’s been here in paradise! 🙂

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  1. You have left me laughing at the end of your post. So glad you have had a really productive day with lots of work coming in and not water! Also being able to repair the computer problem!!!

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