Nightmares RVers Have

I have very vivid dreams, so much so that I sometimes have difficulty knowing if I am awake or sleeping. This morning, I dreamt that I had taken off for Texas. I had no reason to believe I wasn’t wide awake as I had done all the necessary steps to pack up, hitch up, and go.

I-10 westbound was quite nasty and littered with debris. I saw two trucks ahead of me slide on some tires from a blowout and skid out of control. I was just able to drive over a large chunk of rubber without incident.

When I got to my destination, it was a bit of a circus to get everyone parked. I was told to make a tight turn. No problem, until my driver’s side mirror hit a post in the middle of the turn. This was obviously a situation where it would be impossible to unhook, but it didn’t seem to be a huge deal. Surely that mirror was detachable.

I got out of the RV and immediately knew that I was dreaming: my bicycle was lying on the ground. I wound up getting rid of it in Hampton Roads because it was getting too cumbersome for the amount of times I use it. Anyway, I knew I was dreaming and I desperately wanted to will myself awake, but I just had to see this thing through…

With trepidation, I walked towards the back of the rig to discover that without my noticing it, someone had T-boned my truck. Parts of my tow bar were strewn all over the place.

I screamed and woke up.

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