My Quirky Truth or Consequences Apartment

I had a really good first night in T or C! It was quiet, the apartment was reasonably dark, and the bed, while very firm, wasn’t hard (and I always thought those two things were synonymous). I’m having a late start today, but I am going to get typing because I am SWAMPED. But first, I thought y’all might like a tour of my place.

You come into the kitchen/dining/living room. The arm chair and ottoman are super comfy and what I wish I had on Isla! The table is good for working, the folding chairs not so much.

Standing at the front door.

Standing at the front door.

Between the armchair and the kitchen, you can see a gas heater. I started it last night. It took a bit of effort and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it on overnight. I think that the owner of the property would have done better buying two oil filled radiators, one for each room, but this did a good job of heating the place before bed.

To our right is the bedroom.

The door to the bedroom is to the right of the front door.

The door to the bedroom is to the right of the front door.

Coming into the bedroom.

Coming into the bedroom.

Comfy bed with good sheets and a lovely duvet.

Comfy bed with good sheets and a lovely duvet.

The bedroom is almost the size of the other room. If I was living here long-term, I could easily separate it into a small bedroom and a small office.

Stained glass window in the bedroom.

Stained glass window in the bedroom.

I had to hang one of my own blankets from two conveniently placed nails over the stained glass window because it allowed in a surprising amount of light.

The kitchen is perfect for a short stay.

The kitchen is perfect for a short stay.

Love the cute stove! All the burners work. I haven't tried the oven yet.

Love the cute stove! All the burners work. I haven’t tried the oven yet.

The kitchen is very clean. I came in and felt I could start cooking and using the utensils without having to wash anything, which is a very big compliment on my part! The kitchen has most of the basics, but, like my Isla kitchen, is lacking a sharp knife!

And from the kitchen, we get to the, “Okay, that’s going to be interesting,” part of the apartment, to quote Cameron Diaz in ‘The Holiday’ when faced with a similar situation.

The bathroom is where things get quirky...

The bathroom is where things get quirky…

Can you see the shower head at the top left? It’s a wet room. And there’s no sink; you brush your teeth in the kitchen.

The shower had a lot of calcium build up over the shut off valve handles (not taps) and I had to figure out that I needed to open a main shut off before I could open the hot and cold handles. It then took a while to get hot water, but once I did, there was tons of pressure!

I don’t know if I could get used to this kind of bathroom long-term since the floor gets wet after the shower, obviously. I shower at night and the floor had time to dry by the morning so it wasn’t too bad, but this isn’t really a set up for morning showerers, although I suppose a squeegee could get most of the water into the drain, and then a towel could get the rest.

I would have also added a second shower curtain to block off the toilet. I had put some things on the closed seat and they got sprayed (as I said, LOTS of pressure!). I’ll figure out a routine. 🙂

Finally, there is a little terrace, but the space has not been maintained. There is a defunct hot tub out there, showing that this could be a very sweet bit of outdoor space if it is ever restored.

Patio doors lead to what could be a really nice space.

Patio doors lead to what could be a really nice space.

All in all, I really like this apartment. I don’t know if I could live here long-term, but it is going to be a blessing for the week!

Love the raftered ceilings.

Love the raftered ceilings.

My only real complaint with the space is that the front door is really not that secure. The owner really needs to invest in a better door and lock. But perhaps this is a neighbourhood where there aren’t too many crime concerns. I really don’t know.

T or C seems very quiet so far and a little desolate. Some folks might be wondering why I chose to be here since there really isn’t much to do besides the hot springs. That’s the whole point. I’m on a work, not exploration, break, like I was in Pocatello. There is little out there to tempt me! I am going to checkout the ‘downtown’ district and one or two museums soon as I get a handle on my workload, but I’m glad to be somewhere quiet where I can work and not be bothered. I love that the grocery store is literally across the store and I’ll head over in a bit to get some more food. I’m glad I made the effort last night to get a few things so I was able to breakfast without going out.

So that’s the scoop. And now, I must get typing!

15 thoughts on “My Quirky Truth or Consequences Apartment

  1. Maybe when u take a shower you can put the fold up chair on the dry side of the curtain to keep your stuff dry.
    That really is an odd bathroom.
    As for the insecure door, I would be paranoid. (That’s me) I would push the armchair against the door for the night.

    • I had the same thought, just leave my stuff on a chair in the kitchen and get dressed there!

      I feel safe here with the door being the way it is because there is a deadbolt I can use when I’m inside. But it doesn’t work from the outside, so I’m a little worried about a break-in while I’m gone since I have a lot of computer equipment. I’ll make sure nothing is left visible through the windows.

    • LOL

      I’m in a small town where I can walk everywhere, so there’s always going to be a truck in the driveway. That will be a deterrent as well!

  2. Quite a few people list there parked RV’s on Air BnB. If we could get ours emptied of our stuff I was thinking of doing that. They go for $25 – $40 per night depending on location.

  3. A microfiber towel does a quick job of mostly drying a wet bath. Then I lay a regular hand towel down to step on while the bath finishes drying itself.

  4. Your stove looks like it might be an antique, the bathroom is indeed funky and is that a drain pipe that comes down through your bedroom? That is strange, but as long as the place is clean and quiet that’s all you really need for the week. Type on!!

    • The stove does look like an antique, but it’s in great shape! The bathroom mosaics make up for the quirkiness. 🙂 And I’m not sure what that pipe is all about.

      I could live in a place like this long-term for the right price. It has so much character!

  5. Note to self: Take a good, sharp knife with me next year.

    This is always a problem in rented accommodation. You can never slice a tomato!

    • Next year, I’m packing my entire kitchen, minus the dishes: all my knives, my rice cooker, my pots and pans, my serving bowls, etc.

      Or I’m eating out 95% of the time. I have several months to decide. 🙂

      You wouldn’t be able to relate to this problem, but carving a chicken with a butter knife is hard!

  6. We made a wet room in one of our caravans – just… never again. The alternative was worse, so it was a doable thing at that time in our lives but no, never again. I always felt like mould would get on everything. I was never so glad when we moved to a campground with showers and bathroom facilities so we didn’t have to use the Room of Doom.

    That said, I think my fav bit of the whole flat is the stained glass.

    • What I find annoying about the wet bath here is that the bathroom is so large, so it feels like a wasted space. If I lived here long-term, I would definitely put up another shower curtain so that I could have some storage at the other end of the room. I know that a wet bath ideally should be wiped down after used, but what a lot of surface to wipe down!

      Isn’t the stained glass lovely?

      My favourite bit is the terrace. There’s nothing picture-worthy out there right now, but if I was looking at this flat for long-term, the potential of the terrace is what would get me over the wet bath, small kitchen, and lack of storage.

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