My Dog’s Claws Are Just Fine, Thank You for Your Concern

Just leaving this here to link to because every single time I post a picture of my dog that shows her claws, I get comments asking about them. Some comments are just innocent questions by folks wanting to be educated. Some are accusations that I’m basically abusing my dog. Here are the facts.

  1. My dog is a rescue who lived at a refuge for almost 11 years. She only got the most basic care there. They never trimmed her claws.
  2. Because of this, her quicks are very, very long. Cutting the claws down to a level that Americans and Canadians would deem acceptable would cause her unnecessary pain and distress.
  3. An animal behaviourist and groomer comes to trim and file down the nails as far as possible on a monthly basis. This gentle method of grooming is tolerated by my very anxious dog who now clearly enjoys here monthly pedicure. The resulting nail length is absolutely fine — she can walk naturally and does not “skate” on tile floors like she did when she arrived. My dog is outdoors most of the time and I do not have floors that could be damaged by her claws, so there is no reason to essentially mutilate her to bring her claws to NOTB (north of the border) standards.

As well-meaning as the comments are, I find them distressing as they imply that I am not taking care of my dog properly. I took on an enormous responsibility when I brought her home almost 13 months ago and she has never lacked for any necessary care and grooming. I have an amazing support team in place for her.

4 thoughts on “My Dog’s Claws Are Just Fine, Thank You for Your Concern

  1. Seriously!?!?

    Your dog is waaay more pampered than any dog I had as a kid or an adult. You treat her well and ignore the folks that don’t live with her every day.

    • Thanks! She’s not pampered the way that a lot of folks in the US and Canada pamper their pets, like a spoiled child, but she gets everything she needs to continue aging gracefully and live her best senior-hood! <3

  2. I’m sorry. I know you are taking good care of her. I didn’t mean to offend you. I know she has special needs as a rescue but sometimes I don’r put my brain in gear before putting my fingers on the keyboard. I’m pretty sure you even told us about her nails before. I wish I could remember things like that.

    • No, no! The way you phrased it was absolutely fine — you were just curious as you have no knowledge of the subject. But I figured I get asked enough that I needed something to link to. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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