Must Read Book: The Gringo Guide to México – Estate Planning

I was privileged to receive an advance copy of Murry Page’s newest book The Gringo Guide to México – Estate Planning. If you spend any amount of time in Mexico, even if you don’t have any property here, you need to read this book. It addresses topics I would never on my own have considered, has both U.S. and Canadian-specific advice, and helped me understand The Law works in Mexico to help me approach other legal matters. This book by a trusted source has been a very, very long time coming and is truly a must-read. I’m at the point of knowing I need to get my affairs in order and am so grateful this resource is now available.

2 thoughts on “Must Read Book: The Gringo Guide to México – Estate Planning

  1. Hola Darling- does it address Mexican wills, Medical Directives, etc.? All something I’ve just begun to look into.

    Meanwhile LOVED your video from Maz! You should do more – I think the last was when you were dog sitting in… in… hmmmmm…. can’t recall, but it was on a walk home with the dog(s). Yes?

    So happy you’re happy!

    • Hi Dean! Yes, the book addresses that and much, much, much more! It’s super comprehensive.

      You’re right that my last video was probably hiking with the dogs in Bulgaria. I rather like the format, but the learning curve for making videos that don’t take hours to upload to YouTube is very steep and not something I think I want to invest in. But thanks for the positive comment!

      And thank you for that lovely thought. 🙂

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