More Remote Than Dawson City

I’ve only been at my property a few months and I can already tell that living out here is going to be a major pain for some things.

When I lived in Dawson City, I had no trouble getting anything sent up there. If something was sent UPS or by any other courier service, it would get transferred to the Canada Post truck in Whitehorse. No problem.

Out here, I can’t get delivery by anyone other than Canada Post and if I need a street address for whatever reason, forget it.

I ran out of printer ink this morning and thought it would be a simple matter to jump on the Staples website to order some. Well, they needed a street address. I spent 20 minutes chatting with a rep only for us to conclude that delivery here would be impossible since they ship with Purolator or UPS, who don’t serve the hamlet.

My only option was to have the ink sent general delivery to Assiniboia using the post office’s street address. I figured it would be faster to ask my mother to get me a cartridge and then mail to me here in the Hamlet so that’s what I did.