Montreal Urban Legend

Jacques Cartier Bridge seen from Montreal

Until this afternoon, I believed like many Quebecers, that the Jacques-Cartier Bridge was designed by Gustav Eiffel, or that the bridge was a gift from France. Not without reason:

The finials are not ‘Eiffel towers’, but sure do resemble them! They measure 13′ and weigh 6 tons!

Bonus picture of the day:

Olympic tower seen from the Jacques Cartier bridge through the suicide prevention barrier

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  1. It’s just a case of information being passed around pre-information age. Back before the internet, checking facts wasn’t always as easy as it is today!

    The bridge was designed by an engineer named Philip Louis Pratley. And that’s all there is to the story. Montreal needed another bridge and he designed one. He might have been influenced by the Eiffel tower, but the finials are not meant to be direct representations of them.

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