Miranda’s Back In the Shop

Well, the day I’ve been dreading for five weeks (already!!!) is here: Miranda is back at the shop. At least, her return will quickly bring a measure of serenity since the interior is perfectly squared away. I’ll be able to set up home in mere minutes when she gets back.

The drive to Boucherville was a nightmare I don’t feel like reliving. I am beyond sick and tired of driving in such a populated area. 🙁

My contact at Boisvert Ford is on holidays, but his replacement was up to speed on everything, bless them. The new windshield will cost $388 (installed). I also asked for an oil change. I didn’t get the price for that, but am expecting it to be between $100 and $200.

The filing cabinet didn’t budge an inch on the trip, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I had thought to go on holidays next week to Toronto, but the budget is way too tight for that right now. Even if it wasn’t, there is too much going on for me to have been able to unwind and enjoy time off. I’m hoping to make the trip in September instead.

The shop budgeted a solid week, including a full day of painting, for the repairs. They said they are cognizant that Miranda is my home and they are going to do their best to have her ready by the end of the day next Friday. But if anything derails their schedule, the repairs could extend into the following Monday. All appendages are crossed for my being homeless only one week!

The shop pre-invoiced Aviva and Aviva sent me a cheque. So as long as there are no changes, payment will not be an issue, I just have to countersign the cheque. One less stress is good!

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  1. I didn’t realize till now how unbalanced it would be, actually. I just couldn’t keep posting on my public blog, though I still have my livejournal. My husband didn’t want me sharing some things, cause of old friends and co-workers of his. . .plus with the two kids now I am. .well, it’s all so overwhelming. You hardly really know anything about me. I must seem like a stalker! Ah, I just think you’re cool and I like your personality. I will add you to my LJ if you have an LJ account you don’t mind me seeing 🙂

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