Lots ‘o Seafood

L beat me soundly at shuffleboard this afternoon, then we headed into Port Lavaca for one last meal together at Bayside Seafood. Thank you again!

This time, I did not want a deep fried meal, so I chose their grilled platter. It didn’t include the stuffed crab I had so enjoyed the last time, so L insisted that we add the stuffed crab meal meal to our order. Boy was that a lot of seafood!

My grilled plate was incredibly delicious and I’m glad I went with that instead of my original idea of having just the crab. It came with a big piece of delicately seasoned catfish, three big toothsome shrimp, three juicy scallops, a few oysters, dirty rice, and a nice big mound of veggies (squash, onions, broccoli, and red pepper). I do have to say that I have decided I do not and never will like oysters. Or rather, I’ll eat oysters if they are on my plate, but I am not going to seek them out.

The stuffed crabs were even better than the last time! I wound up taking one home with half my catfish and a pile of fries, so I will have a nice lunch tomorrow.

But we weren’t done. L insisted on my ordering dessert if I wanted it and the ‘Turtle mousse cake’ had caught my eye. It was just the right size to end the meal with, especially after L had a sliver and deemed it not be to his liking as he is not a big chocolate fan.

I feel replete, but since I did not have a ton of batter and grease, I am not stuffed!

I’m so glad that I’ve had a chance to partake of the local oceanic delicacies this winter.