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I was up incredibly early this morning, eight, so I decided to take the longer and more scenic route to Penticton through the Similkameen valley. Like the last time I went through there, the weather was very grey and morose:

I went by a town with a name that made me laugh:

passing Olalla

One of my stops in Penticton took me to Rona where I decided I might as well pick up what I need to finish off the entrance stairwell, too. They didn’t have what I had in mind, but something that could make do. The clerk protested “But’s that floor moulding! You know, the kind that goes up a wall!” I replied, “Sometimes things can have many uses. You need to be creative!” He gave me this look, as though I’d told him the moon was made of cheese. He wouldn’t survive thirty seconds renovating an RV!

I got in around one and spent about a half hour doing a second coat of paint in the loft, then about twenty minutes putting in the flooring.

So, here’s the loft preview:

Just try to think about having to prime and paint a floor when you have cats and no sensible way to lock them into another room with food and a litter box. $45 and 20 minutes of work that required absolutely no brain power to get something that looks this great. Money very, very well spent. I have a bit of flooring left and will be able to two other projects with it.

I just adore that yellow; it’s the perfect yellow for me, with just enough red in it to keep it from being too ‘canary.’ It’s just such a happy colour and I’m amused that its commercial name is ‘Happiness’! The only thing I’m kicking myself over is getting a small can. I had originally planned to do the library and loft a different colour from the kitchen, but then I switched to the green/yellow/rose colour scheme and decided to do the whole front in yellow. I’ll need three cans to do that, so I would have been better off getting a gallon. Not a biggie when I consider how much I saved on the rest of my paint!

Now, I need to work on the window coverings. I will definitely be back in my bed tomorrow! I could be there tonight if I really push, but I know better than to go into such a small space with the paint fumes so fresh!

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