Lively Weekend

Max and his young daughter arrived for the weekend mid-Saturday morning, so it was a very lively weekend. Of course, I’m trapped in the middle of a huge project, so I was glued to my computer all weekend. We all let one another do our own thing and I just continued with my normal routine, including walking the dogs.

Late Saturday evening, Max invited me to join him and some friends for a BBQ. I’d already had dinner, so I just sampled a few things, including rakia, a Bulgarian fruit brandy that was quite good.

I really did need to be up and at ’em Sunday because of work, so I begged off close to midnight and, thanks to the rakia, pretty much passed out. 🙂

Even though there were two young and vivacious girls having a slumber party above me, the night was quiet and I slept well and woke up under my own steam. I took the dogs out Sunday morning and then just worked steadily through the day. It’ll be long days until this project is done, but it’s too important to turn down. Max did laundry both mornings, which set me behind a bit in my schedule since the washer is in my kitchen, where I work, and it’s hard to type with the machine going.

Monday morning was also pretty much a write-off, work-wise, because Max’s friend was here to start working on fixing his leaky roof. So lots of chainsawing going on! With all that Mexico experience behind me, I worked through as much of the noise as I could and caught up on other things when I couldn’t. By one, I was alone again and it was blissfully quiet, but I still had to work until past ten p.m.

I expected more roof work today, but so far nothing. I’m typing steadily and hoping to get enough ahead to be able to take a day trip to Sofia later this week, but I’m not holding my breath. Can’t complain about work going well, though! And I’m really glad to have the dogs as an excuse to go hiking twice a day. By five or so, I’m bleary eyed and it’s lovely to break for an hour to stretch my legs.

So not much going on here, I’m afraid, just life as usual, but in a different setting. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Lively Weekend

    • I WISH the money was pouring in. 🙂 No lucrative contracts, I’m afraid. 🙁 But at least the work is interesting and steady. I’d be in serious trouble if I had to buy my groceries in Canada. But I’ll be fine as long as I float around the Balkans for a bit!

    • For that to happen, I’d have to go work in a completely different field. I am well paid for transcription, sadly enough. 🙁

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