Like Paradise, Only Nicer

My first day on Vancouver Island was rainy and I wiled it away on the couch catching up on internet stuff. It was nice and mellow and a much needed break.

But today I woke up to sun and it was hot. Imagine how it must have felt, just a few days away from the bitter cold of Prince George, to be playing in the dirt under a hot sun while looking at the Pacific Ocean. It was surreal! I started my day by releveling the rig and then hooking up my water and then I was put to work.

I helped clean up the garden and lay down a small retaining wall. Norma and I fought the war of the roses and won with a few battle scars while Croft ‘supervised’ by sitting in his lounge chair while watching a football game. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful pictures of flowers in his blog; he has little to do with their growth. 😉

It’s been an awesome weekend and I am very grateful to be here.

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