I had a pleasant first evening in Hebden Bridge. I went down into the village, about 1KM, and walked around for a bit looking for dinner. There weren’t many options on a Sunday night. I finally decided on a rather fancy pub, which was a good choice since I had a really lovely meal for just £10. That was a generous sausage sandwich with cheese and onion chutney with a small cup of carrot and cumin soup and half a pint. Everything was really yummy and a bit “posh” (the name of my sandwich!). It’s nice to know that I have a few options to eat out here.

I came in and messed with the telly antenna for a bit until I got a steady signal. Haven’t played with rabbit ears since the turn of the century! 😀 Sherlock wound up being so intense that I had to rewatch it straight away on iPlayer and I didn’t get to sleep till about one.

There was no rush to get up this morning, so I was up around ten. It was a better night than I’ve been having, but still not great. So, of course, I’ve got a cold starting. 🙁 I was able to make coffee in my room and my host had left me muesli and milk. So I had a bit of breakfast before heading out around eleven. But my Airbnb host was home and we ended up gabbing for a long bit before I left. She informed me that my best bet for groceries is to place an order online for delivery by Tesco’s so I made a mental note to look that up.

So it was almost 12:30 by the time I got to my house. It was raining quite heavily and there is a super long and steep flight of stairs down to the house, so I took it sloooooow to avoid a fall. The house was all ready for me, with a cosy (gas) fire in the hearth. I unpacked a bit, had a chat with the cat, and then settled down to see if I could indeed order online from Tesco. I created an account and learned that as a new customer, I get free deliveries for a month! However, there is a minimum spend of £40 and I had a hard time getting to that amount, so I think this will be a one-time thing. But I got meat, cheese, sauces, and various staples. I’ll be able to supplement with the stores here in the village. My Canadian credit card appeared to be approved, so I should be getting my order between 4 and 5PM tomorrow. I could have had it sooner, but since I wasn’t sure I would get the free shipping, I opted for the cheapest time slot.

By the time I was done, it was well past two and I was famished. My host had left me a plate of homemade fish cakes, so I sautéd some Brussels sprouts and shallots to have with a couple of those. Dang were they good! I’ll have to ask her what she put in them in terms of spices (cumin, maybe?). There was potato in them, so I didn’t need anything else to have a complete meal. Very thoughtful of her.

Late afternoon, as it was getting dark, I headed back into the village to find something for dinner. The supermarket here isn’t bad in terms of choices, but I compared a few prices to Tesco’s and was very glad I made the online order! I found a prepared salad that should be a nice supper. I’ll finish the fish cakes for lunch tomorrow and then I’ll have my groceries after that.

It’s quite a trek into town, lots of stairs and hills. It’s slick in rain and I hope we don’t get ice, but I doubt I’ll get that lucky as there is snow in the forecast for the weekend…

Here’s to hoping I get some proper sleep tonight. I really don’t want to lose a whole week here to a cold the way I did when I got to Spain.

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    • You can still see evidence of the flood! I will tell you a bit about the town. Just not up to going out right now. 🙂

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