Jewelry Organization in an RV

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I go through phases in life where I’m really into earrings. I’ve been in in one of those phases for over a year now and been frustrated by my lack of a satisfactory earring organization system. You just have different considerations when you live in an RV and don’t have a dresser or much surface space! I certainly didn’t want a box where they would get all jumbled and that I’d have to store in a cabinet. I also wanted something very portable.

I researched ‘travel jewelry organizer’ for a bit and finally decided that a hanging pocket organizer that can be rolled up might be just the ticket. They’re meant to be hung over a door, but glancing around the rig a few weeks ago, I realised that I have an ideal spot next to my vanity if I hang the organizer from my shower wall!


The hanging jewelry organizer I bought has 80 pockets (40 on each side), so each earring can have its own little pouch and not get tangled with the others:


I ending up buying my organizer on eBay because I got a better deal to Canada, but it’s the exact same one Amazon sells. I primarily picked it because it had the most pockets, but I also liked the neutral cream colour. I found a green one that would have looked nice here, but would have clashed with the green in my Isla bathroom, plus it had a lot fewer pockets. The bottom pockets on this one are larger than the top pockets, so there’s room for big pieces, too.

I like that I’l be able to fold or roll up the organizer, throw it in a suitcase, and have it available at a hotel.

It’s amazing how long I’ve lived in this RV and I’m still finding ways to maximize my space!

4 thoughts on “Jewelry Organization in an RV

  1. Glad you found one that works for you. I love this solution. Having it hang next to your vanity yet being easy to take into a motel is wonderful. Mine sits in a drawer at home so I don’t often get reminded I could change my earrings. Your location is better.

  2. I think the location is fantastic. I mean, right next to where I would put them on! Such a luxury in an RV! It’s like with my scarf drawer; I switch up my scarves a lot more now that they’re so accessible.

  3. Hurray! We made the same choice. Now I know I’m doing the right thing. Actually I have two of them…one for earrings. and one for bracelets. Now still trying to figure out what to do with necklaces. Probably some kind of hanging this. Any ideas?

    Guilty confession…. I have A LOT of jewelry and I wear it all.

    • Careful now! The right thing for me could be the wrong thing for someone else!

      I don’t know about necklaces. The options I’ve seen appear too fussy for daily use (like putting each one through a straw so it won’t tangle, or rolling up a bunch in a microfiber cloth), and something hanging sounds like a tangled mess on the floor of the RV after a few bumps down the road. I think the size of the necklace makes a difference, too, whether it’s something chunky or just a small chain.

      I always wear the same pendant and nose stud, occasionally switch my ring, and swap out my earrings. That’s my limit for jewelry wearing and I don’t wear anything valuable. Even if I ever get married, I want a very inexpensive (but durable) set.

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