It’s Going To Be a Long Day

YUCK. I awoke to sleet. I need to get to tomorrow, but home is pretty uncomfortable and the iPad and computer both need a good charge. I’m at the McDonalds right now on the iPad, but there are no power outlets. Definitely not a great start to my adventure!

The land owners have till 6:00 to accept or deny my offer. I hope I will be told sooner rather than later. I’m not sure I want to drive the rig in this weather, but it would be warmer in the cab!

There is still a promise of sun tomorrow and I do have place lined up to plug in on my second day in North Dakota, so I just need to hang in there. My priority is to keep enough power to run the fridge.

I still prefer being in my cold rig than in The Apartment!

3 thoughts on “It’s Going To Be a Long Day

  1. Snuggle in and hope for a break in the sleet and clouds. I hope you hear from your sellers sooner rather than later, or that you have all ready! 🙂

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