I’m Buying a House!!!

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The running together of days continues, but at least now I know what I am working for. I AM BUYING A HOUSE!!!

In 2008, I set off on a journey across North America (and eventually Europe) in search of myself and what I really want out of life. Things I held to be true changed as I learned more about myself and the truths of the world revealed themselves to me. The most important thing that I came to understand is that my nomad soul needs a home port, and this was point was firmly made at the start of the pandemic. I was so grateful to be relatively settled in Mérida, a city within a state able to manage the challenges of the crisis and provide me a safe place to thrive during a period of upheaval. As I begin my adventure into middle age, there needs to be some permanence in my placement so that I can build on a foundation instead of continually spending money on starting anew. It is here, in Mérida, that I have chosen to build that permanent foundation and lay bare all my hopes and dreams for my future.

So with that decided, it was time to find a real home here, one that I would own. After nearly five years of bouncing around other people’s homes, I long to be in my own space again, to have that certainty that I alone will make the decision to move. Little did I know that the opportunity to do so sooner rather than later would present itself. Just a few years ago, I thought that the best I could do was a partially off-grid tiny house lost in the Canadian prairies. Today, I am about to enter a contract to buy a large, beautiful home on a significant plot of land in the heart of a large city. I would never have had the temerity to dream of ever owning anything like that. It is as though in this one deal, the universe decided to make up for all the times I’ve been screwed over in my life, to put me in the right place with the right people and to hand me an opportunity to make up for all the woes and mistakes of my past and make it clear that they were lessons learned so that in this moment, I could understand and appreciate fully the gift I was being rewarded with.

The house I found where I will make my stand is perfectly situated in Mérida. It has generous and well-proportioned rooms that are light and airy. There is lots of yard for Bonita (and future dogs?!) with room for a pool and fruit trees. It is a lot but not too much, more than I need, but has the potential to be everything I want. I am overwhelmed by the fact that this opportunity has presented itself. I would never have had the audacity to ask the universe for anything like this. And yet, here it is, and I am so very grateful. I will have more details about everything once contracts are signed.

Peace and rest at length have come, All the day’s long toil is past; And each heart is whispering “Home, Home at last!”