Ice Cream Social

I have been so anti-social during my time at Hidden Valley. There are two other lovely ladies here and I have had to blow them off every time they have invited me over for a chat because I’ve had other commitments.

They came over together this evening and even though I have a deadline to meet, I just couldn’t say no! Enough with the rudeness!

We sat and had a good chat over ice cream and then I got an opening to invite them in to show off the rig. Their quick acquiescence told me they were looking for such a window of opportunity themselves!

One of the ladies had been driving into San Antonio with her rig for work and is very happy to have found a new job that she can bike to. She walks her cat on a leash every day! She’s also found my blog. *waves at you* The other lady is working at the Sam Houston site for a few more weeks. She has a really cute little mop of a dog.

Both ladies have the same name, which is the name of my host in Dallas! When I got back to my computer, I had a reminder to make a call to my Dallas host and I was confused for a second since the reminder was just a name and I had just spent time with two ladies with that name.

I didn’t think I could eat again today after the lunch I had, but ice cream doesn’t count; right? Even if it has chocolate and peanut butter in it (OMG); right? Especially when it’s 100 billion degrees out; right?


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