I Bought a Hammock!

So I’ve made a friend here, M, who just bought a house in my neighbourhood. I’ve been helping M with temporary storage and supply runs. Today, we headed out to find him a hammock, a purchase I’ve been putting off as well.

I’d already asked about the best places to buy hammocks in town and the unnamed shop by Mercado Alemán was definitely the most promising. We headed there around 9:30 and M found it quickly.

Two things became evident in the shop. 1) I was about to blow my budget; 2) I was in exactly the right place to blow my budget and buy my very first hammock! We were attended to by Doña Carillo who was incredibly helpful and understood our needs (two large one-person hammocks in cotton). M settled on a bright blue one, but I had no choice at all since Doña M read me like a book and pulled out a pink and white one for me.

She unpacked it so I could see it and admire the unusual weave. This one is a fairly loose weave, hence the price of $1,000 (but she offered it to me for $850). She had much finer weave ones for thousands of pesos. Notice the white rope next to it, that’s part of the hanging system (a pair was $60). The very last part of the transaction was her showing me how to hang the hammock, with her making me do it.

At the end, shje actually dashed across the street to get S-hooks and gave them to us!

She insisted on packing my pink hammock into a pink bag to match my pink purse. LOL!

This was an incredibly positive shopping experience. No high pressure sales tactics, explanation of why a product was recommended or not, good deals and general customer care that makes me want to go back and see what else she has. I’m very, very pleased and can’t wait for my afternoon siesta! 🙂

M then proposed we grab some food at Wayan’e, which is apparently THE place in Mérida to go for tacos. It’s been on my List for eons, but it’s just not convenient to get to and doesn’t work with my schedule.

I ordered an ice cold piña agua fresca, which came in this odd glass:

I wanted to try tacos I’d never had anywhere. An intriguing one was… mustard chicken. Mustard! Beef tinga was a no brainer as I know I like pork tinga. The server vetoed my requested for chicken poblano and recommended another beef dish, so I went with that:

As I had expected, the taco fillings were amazing and unusual, the mustard one especially! But the tortillas were quite disappointing (the beigey rather than yellow ones) and the salsas were just the normal ones you find at any taquería. Delicious? Absolutely. Over hyped? Absolutely. Definitely a place that if I was in the neighbourhood and hungry and it was open, I’d be excited to go, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there.

We got in, M headed out, and I had to make the hard decision of where to hang my hammock. The guest room made the most sense of the myriad of places in the house where I have hanging hooks.

With surprising confidence, I pulled the cord through the hammock loop, hooked it on the S-hook placed in the wall holder, and then did the loop-di-loop to secure.

I then played with the tension until the hammock was hanging just right for me to be able to get into it:

It squeaked and groaned something awful as I got into it, but once I was settled, oh my goodness! I had the fan on and it was dark and I almost rocked myself to sleep!

This is the video I studied months ago for getting into a hammock and how to lie in one. It is spot on!

So just like that, I am REALLY a Yucateca. 🙂

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