Haven Even Closer to Power

The electrician came back this morning to finish up the job, adding a couple of 20A outlets. I had requested three, but only two were installed, leaving me with a 30A space on the panel in case I want to put in a 220 outlet for a dryer or stove in the cabin.

I will very rarely, especially in summer, use the full 30A in the rig, so if the two 20A outlets aren’t enough, I can always tap into the RV amperage via the exterior outlet. Why waste money and resources on an outlet I probably don’t need? I was actually thinking about how I could modify the panel down the line for a dryer and the electrician was obviously thinking along the same lines. If he had put in the other 20A, I would have essentially wasted the last 10A.

So here are my 20A outlets:


Now, notice something different in the breaker box?


Last night, there were what felt like 50 billion (I know, I exaggerate) comments and horror stories about electricians wiring a 30A RV outlet with 220V, like a dryer or stove outlet, and there was at least one mention of my 30A outlet being on a double breaker, which would indicate that my outlet was wired incorrectly. I wasn’t too concerned because I never plug in anywhere without checking the wiring. I was going to wait for the outlets to go live and then check voltage, polarity, and connections, confident that the electrician would be out promptly to correct any problems.

But when I came by to check out today’s work, I had a single 30A and two 20A breakers. So I’m thinking the electrician might have initially wired the 30A outlet incorrectly, realised his mistake, and fixed it. Anyway, it looks correct now and we’ll know soon enough if it is!

The electrician emailed this afternoon to say that he had requested service from SaskPower, but there was a problem with my land description and he couldn’t get them to come out. The issue is that my neighbour gave them the wrong land description (mine), so SaskPower thinks there’s already service on my lot. Because I was able to correctly cross-reference my land description with title information, SaskPower says that this is an easily fixable clerical error. They are sending my request for service over to the technical department, who will call me to give me an idea of what day they can come by to install my meter!

Now, if the rain can hold out another few hours, my gravel pad should be done tonight. All appendages crossed for that!

5 thoughts on “Haven Even Closer to Power

  1. Wow! You are moving right along. Nice to have service people who actually serve. You obviously picked the right place to settle.

  2. Here, a person’s word is their bond.

    Charles says that everyone knows how many hours I spent on their addition last summer and so it’s now my turn for help. It’s really nice to be on the receiving end. 😀

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