Great Plains Concert in Willow Bunch

Tonight, I had the great pleasure of attending a Great Plains concert for the second time. Great Plains are Saskia and Darrel, who happen to be good friends of C&C as well as lovely people and very talented folk singers. They play both their original songs and covers of famous songs, like Jolene and The Boxer. My favourite is My Father’s Land and I bought their Celtic CD, which has that song on it.

I left my hearth and home when I was barely grown
Set my eyes on foreign skies and distant roads
I wandered aimlessly without a care or plan
I always thought I’d once more walk my father’s land


I’ve been a sailing, I crossed the ocean blue
And I’ve seen old Mexico, I’ve walked those desert sands
There’s just one thing more in this life I have to do
That’s to walk those green hills of my father’s land

The event was a fundraiser for the Willow Bunch Museum. There were goodies at intermission where, after getting a brief glimpse of the eclipse and the blood moon (two shows in one night!), I enjoyed a glass of crisp white wine and some cheese, and perhaps a Nanaimo bar or two, before listening to the second half of the show.

Saskia and Darrel are wonderful performers, very lively and funny. Their music made me sob one second (Porchlight) and laugh the next (Cabin Fever, where the bit about the propane freezing during a practically brutal cold spell is when I started to cry mirthful tears at the memories of my one SK winter in my RV).

What an unusual treat for a Sunday night to go listen to some live music! I am so fortunate that arts and culture are valued in this area and that events like these just 10 minutes from Haven aren’t unusual. I really should take better advantage of them!

6 thoughts on “Great Plains Concert in Willow Bunch

  1. Sounds like a lovely evening. And those Nanaimo bars…my mother-in-law always made them, only they were called Esther Bars….I suppose somewhere along the line a woman named Esther shared the recipe. Anyway, MIL always made them with black walnuts and they are delicious. Thank goodness they are so rich a person can only eat one or two. 🙂 Somehow, now that she’s gone no one in the family can make them quite as good as she did….using her exact recipe.

  2. What a fulfilling evening, a wonderful concert, the eclipse, crisp white wine and Nanaimo bars, all favorites of mine. You certainly deserved a special evening.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Glad you decided to go. We got to see the blood moon from our tiny deck–probably about the same time you were watching it. I did have some sense of fellowship with others checking it out even though we were alone on our deck.

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