Grateful For My Mojo

I’m working out tomorrow’s driving day, which will take me across the Blue Ridge Mountains and one section with a 7% downhill grade over 5 miles. Last year, I would have lost sleep over this. But my experience through Idaho into Montana over the Fourth of July and Lookout Passes made me a lot more confident about my mountain driving experience. However, those were only 5% and 6% grades respectively, so I can expect this 7% grade to be a bit more challenging.

I’m only about 400 miles from my destination in Virginia and if it weren’t for this mountainous section, I would be very tempted to start early tomorrow and do a canonball run. Instead I will get through the mountains and assess the time remaining for the journey once I reach mid-afternoon. I would love to arrive tomorrow, but not if it means doing so completely frazzled! I know I am entering a particularly beautiful bit of the US and I can’t wait to savour the landscapes before I return to the teeming mass of humanity that suffocates the entire east coast.

The last two weeks have been absolutely amazing and I cannot believe I am on the home stretch for this part of the journey!


4 thoughts on “Grateful For My Mojo

  1. It is a BEAUTIFUL area. Hope you do stop to savour it. I always loved driving thru there, even at night. I kept hoping I would see Bigfoot.

  2. Virginia is a beautiful state, as are the southeastern states adjacent to it. I love the mountains there more than anyplace else on earth.

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