Max, my host, was here this weekend and just left. He’ll be back “sometime” Thursday. He’s rarely here till late morning… so we said our goodbyes and thanks. I aim to be on a bus to Sofia by 11AM Thursday. There’s one more walk into Yablanitsa in my future, unless I look pathetic with my suitcase and backpack!

That was my first thought this morning, that I had only have three full days left here… And I still only have a very loose plan for the next week. I think I’m living in a river in Egypt…

As I said to Max, my time here was exactly what I was hoping it would be. I have no regrets, except how much I am going to miss the pets! It would, of course, have been nice to have had a car, but based on how many full days of work I had, I could not have justified a car rental for my whole time here.

I think the pets know I’m leaving and Max agrees in that they have been extra cuddly, Penghu especially. Believe it or not, he was sound asleep and snoring in this picture!

I’m so glad I came to Bulgaria, but I’m also ready to go. I really look forward to spending some time in a more urban environment in the next few weeks and eating someone else’s cooking! I really think I’ve exhausted the limits of my creativity as to what can be made with the ingredients available to me in Yablanitsa and Malak Izvor.

So I think next for me will be Belgrade for seven to ten days, then on to Sarajevo before heading south to Athens to catch a plan to Madrid. I just need to figure out how to balance travel with work! Since I’ve lost out on the chance of a monthly rental rate for an apartment, I think I will focus on looking for inexpensive private rooms in hostels and only commit to super easy jobs that don’t require a huge time commitment, just enough to cover my expenses for the day and a few days of exploration in Athens and Madrid. I don’t want to be completely off work for a full month, not with all the time off I’ve had this year!

There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.

15 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. Athens Port of Piraeus has very cheap hotels, probably even cheaper hostels. Not the most attractive part of Greece but a great place to hop on ferries as they all leave from there to see nearby islands and you can also take the metro/bus into Athens as the accommodation there is easily twice the cost for the same price. It is also relatively easy to get from Athens airport to bus to Piraeus. Here is where I found the info (doing some research of my own)

  2. I’m getting excited for you.
    Will you be traveling via bus for the Belgrade, Sarajevo & Athens (Greece, wow) long of your trip?
    Very awesome, full of museums.
    I’m looking forward to your posts.
    Be safe my friend & check in often for us worry warts.

    • It will be bus to Belgrade and likely to Athens, but I’m still doing my research!

      I might have a hard time with internet access. Need to find out if I can use my Bulgarian SIM in the rest of the Balkans!

  3. We are all looking forward to hearing of your adventures including the gastronomic type. Be careful, have fun and don’t leave your fans wondering why you haven’t posted. Next time we just may mount a search party! Although that could be fun!

  4. Rae, as you well know, Greece now has a severe refugee problem, and the Greek government is having severe financial problems at the same time. If the government (with the rest of the European Union) is attempting to place those refugees around Greece for the lowest possible cost, you may run into difficulty finding “decent” low-price housing without crowding by refugees. However, there is always the “budget” tourist district, and because Greece highly values their tourism industry (especially in their tough financial times), the government probably would not settle the refugees in those tourism areas.


    • Dee, there is tons of good cheap accommodation still available for tourists in Greece. They’re not putting the refugees in hostels and the like, but rather in things like abandoned factories and Olympic facilities.

  5. I’m so glad you have had a wonderful time there. What a great lifestyle.
    We’ve been in Nebraska a couple of times now. We’ve missed meeting with you.
    We’ve been in 17 states since March this year and LOVING it. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement over the years.

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