Fun At the Saloon

This evening, R, S, L, Caroline, her husband J, and myself headed out to play some shuffleboard at the Saltwater Saloon. It was so cool to be hanging out with Caroline tonight; she’s one of my most longtime blog readers! Caroline, a little more twist and a little less shove next time. 😉

I was surprised to have a pretty good chicken burger from the grill attached to the saloon. It’s really nice to have the full service convenience store, gas pumps, grill, and saloon just a mile or so from the beach. It’s close enough to get out without too much effort, but not so within walking distance as to encourage frequent consumption of three beers on a weeknight. 🙂

This weekend, there is talk of heading down to the marina at Indianola. No shuffleboard there, but lots of fishing to watch.

I’m fairly certain that my social calendar hasn’t been full since my first Klondike summer!