Frankanstan in Dawson City

This weekend, the vaudevillian Winnipeg-based comedy group Frankanstan is doing four shows at the Palace Grand theatre. It sounded like fun and right out of the Gold Rush era, plus the 3PM shows fit in with my work schedule, so I decided to fork over the $14 this afternoon and check it out.

It was okay. I’d heard most of the jokes before, but the original songs were quite good and the audience interaction was great. In fact, it was audience members who got the biggest laughs. One young girl gave them a run for their money! The most cliched act was one one of the best–the ‘who’s on first’ Abbott and Costello routine. They really nailed it. But the best moment of the show was when they asked audience members where they’re from so jokes could be made about the locale. The first person was from Ontario. The next three from Dawson. I could see the comedians were faltering and they finally pointed at me and said “You, where are you from?” and I just smirked and said “Dawson!” Ha ha ha ha ha!

I came out happy that I went, but not filled with glowing praise and a need to send everyone I know to see one of their shows. I have a feeling that the success of this kind of act depends on the audience and there just weren’t enough of us even though we participated fully and laughed till our bellies ached when the joke warranted it.

What I especially enjoyed was watching a live show at the Palace Grand, an authentic Gold Rush era building dating back to 1899.