Four Days Left Till I Leave Indefinitely

The weekend was a blur of good music, even better food (Caroline made a mean venison stir fry with pesto pasta on Sunday night), and WORK.

I have a bit more work to do by tomorrow night, and then I’m calling it off as I really need to focus on my enormous to-do list.

So today, Monday, I’m finishing up work and volunteer projects.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is going to be my last running around day. I have to go to Assiniboia to pick up my Co-Op equity cheque, get a few things I’m missing for my toiletries bag, deal with the insurance on the truck, and then go to Willow Bunch for an event at the museum. Then, Charles is going to come over to help tarp the roof, put away the swing, and spread mouse poison in the RV (I have a roommate). And then, I might have to finish a work project.

Wednesday, I get my taxes done, do a deep clean in Miranda, do a final load of laundry,and put away the water hose. This is going to be my last night in my own bed in who knows how long.

Thursday, I’m closing up the property, winterizing Miranda, bringing things to C&C’s for storage, putting away the booster, doing a final walkthrough, finalising my packing, etc. I’ll sleep at C&C’s Thursday night.

It sounds all very neat when laid out like that, but there really is a lot left to do, especially to close up the property even though I’ve only been here less than two months.

Now, I really need to get to work. I’m paying for quitting too early on Saturday…

7 thoughts on “Four Days Left Till I Leave Indefinitely

  1. Yes a lot to do but you are extremely organized and it will all work out. How or when are you planning you get your new backpack? I thought it was going to be a US pick!

    • I never feel as organised as I seem! 😀

      The backpack will be here today or tomorrow.

      Another reason I felt it was meant to be with that bag is that it was only available on, ie. from Canada. It’s coming from Toronto. Last tracking update had it going from Winnipeg to Regina over the weekend, so there is a teeny chance I’ll be here today. But tomorrow for sure because I paid $9 for faster shipping and Amazon is very sticky about making sure stuff arrives when promised.

  2. Oooh, I’m getting excited!
    There’s always tons of stuff to do when you leave like this.
    I hope you get your work-work done then finish up on the packing work-stuff. 😉
    Yes, you’re very organized, you’ll be fine. If you forget something…nothing like a little retail therapy to help out with that.
    You’ll do fine. Now exhale.

    • I’m not worried about forgetting something that I can buy. I’m worried about forgetting something that has to be done here! 😀

  3. Yes, a lot still to do. But, not more than you can do. And you don’t want too much thumb twiddling time before a major departure like this one. Not good to have time to second guess yourself.

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