Fedex Delivers

I just got a call from the park’s front gate letting me know my package has arrived! Of course, I was expecting it to arrive later, so I’m nowhere near ready to go anywhere. I’ll finish off my coffee, head down to the gate to get the package, and then get into departure mode. Good thing, too, as I really need to dump that grey tank!

For tonight, I am going to try overnighting at a rest area for the first time! Texas allows people to stay up to 24 hours at rest areas and the welcome centre on I-10 westbound has security. That just seems like an easier option than getting off the interstate and meandering my way through Orange to the Walmart. A Flying J just past Orange is a third option, but is a last resort as it would be very noisy.

3 thoughts on “Fedex Delivers

  1. The one this side of Houston is brand new and very nice. Wish we had stayed there but stayed at the rest stop at Kerrville Safe and happy travels

  2. I don’t need wifi. 🙂 Okay, it’s fun to find some to check email on my iPad, but it’s usually too slow to be worth using.

    As for ferries, they are free in Yukon and the NWT!

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