February 2024 Highlights

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After a slow start to the year, things became to ramp up in February. My best client moved on with short notice, so it was the perfect opportunity to increase my rates and get new clients that would give me more flexibility in my scheduling. This was a perfect example of how being your own boss can be more secure than having a salaried job in the current economy. This is really true in my industry since there are is more work than there are competent people available to do that work. Soon as I knew I would not be getting more work from her, I put out a couple of posts saying I was available and my calendar filled up pretty much to this weekend, May 11th!

I’m going through my photos from February and it really was just the usual Pilates, homemaking/cooking, and cats, so I won’t bore you with the same-old, same-old. The only exciting thing that happened is I signed up for a gardening class! This began the 20th of February and went on for four weeks. It was great to get out of the city those four mornings. The trip all the way to Residencial Xcanatún seemed daunting, but it wasn’t so bad. The Uber ride there was pretty pricey, but I was able to get a ride back to just within the periférico most days and then grab a bus from there. One day, I got a lift straight home since I had to bring home seedlings.

The course was very comprehensive, but I knew that starting a garden right ahead of summer would not be a success, so I was actually a bit disappointed that we started seedlings, which did sprout but which did not survive the first heat wave. I’m going to try again in the autumn.