End of Season Fun at Gertie’s

I have to say that my two nights of partying at Gertie’s were the perfect farewell to Dawson. It’s rare for me to go out two nights in a row, much less drink, eat, and gamble as much as I did, but money for fun came from unexpected sources.

Friday night was Talent Night. One singer was very good and a comedian had a very good routine as a hydrophobe synchronized swimmer, but, otherwise, I found the whole thing a tad silly. I still had a good time, chatting with friends and the people around my table. One gentleman got lucky at either the slot machines or the poker tables and bought a round for the whole table. Which explains why I ended up drinking more beer than I normally drink at one time. 🙂

Saturday night were the last shows of the season. It was the usual line up at 8:30, 10:30, and midnight, but with humourous, and very naughty, twists. I went with the gang from work and drinks were paid for all night. I played 15$ in the penny slots and came out with 7$ ahead! It was sooooo much fun! Best of all, I wasn’t stressed about my departure the next day and was able to relax and truly enjoy myself.

It was a very interesting atmosphere at the end of the night, like the closure of Gertie’s marks the true end of the summer season. There were a lot of ‘Have a good winter, see you next year!’s I’m told the population of Dawson goes down to only about 700 in the winter!

I’m already 20% of the way to Campbell River and the non-nomad part of me is heartbreakingly homesick. But let’s not kid ourselves; the nomad part is stronger. 🙂

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