Electrical Setback

I don’t know why things usually go wrong at the last second with me. 🙁

The power wasn’t in by 3:00 today, so I called the power company. They called the company that actually does the work and were told that I was not scheduled for today, much less Friday! I emailed my electrician to ask him to call his contacts for me since the power company says that my clock has restarted and it could be another two weeks to get the meter in! Augh! If the weather could just stay in a nice sunny holding pattern, I’d just move and boondock, but I still need the heaters at night.

Anyway, I thought that I would show some of the progress that I am making. I have two giant piles of leaves to transfer to the eastern perimeter, but it’s been too windy to do that. I’ve been borrowing a wheelbarrow, but am going to price them when I go to town so that I can work at this without having to reserve the leaf transportation.

The neighbour to the west, whose house you can just see, came by to chat with me yesterday to see how I was doing, what my improvement plans are, and to tell me that if I want to trim the trees on the property line, clear the mess of weeds behind his shed, etc., I don’t have to ask. He’s just glad to see someone cleaning up and making things look nice.


I’m not sure yet what I’m doing with my tree stumps. I’m trying to dig up the northmost one since it will be in the way of a building, but the roots are large and widespread. This is just some of the roots that I pulled up. If they are like that, I know I have no hope of getting the big tree stump out without serious muscle!


Pulling up those roots has made a mess of my yard, not that I particularly care. Most of that will be covered by a building anyway.


The little guy who sneaked into the picture really wants me to be his mom, but a) he has a mom and b) I really don’t need a dog right now. I don’t know his name and made the mistake of giving him one, which he actually responds to. I might be in trouble!!! It’s Higgins, by the way, after Constable Higgins in ‘Murdoch Mysteries.’ 🙂 He is just so sweet and not well taken care of. He gets to run loose with the hamlet’s other neglected dog, Chelsea. They are best friends, have a lot of fun together, and are a hoot to watch.

So that’s the latest here. Here’s to hoping my electrician continues to be wonderful and gets the meter situation sorted out for me.

8 thoughts on “Electrical Setback

  1. No such rental places here.

    My neighbours say my options are, in no particular order:

    1) find someone with a really heavy duty tractor and chain to pull them out;

    2) hire the local tree removal place to do it

    3) use chemicals

  2. What about the guy who helped you spread the gravel? Does he have any machinery he could use to take it out?

  3. He says his tractor wouldn’t be able to pull a stump that size. The other ones, yes, but they were cut too low and there’s nothing to catch a chain on.

    Anyway, this isn’t a huge deal right now, not worth wasting brain power on at this point. But I appreciate all the suggestions!

  4. So which will come first, the power or the buildings? Hey, don’t worry about what you cannot change. It is coming together at it’s own pace.

  5. Croft, I am beyond tired of being stuck between the two buildings and was sure it was going to end over the weekend. So I’m really bummed right now. I miss waking up to sunlight streaming through the trees and birds chirping.

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