Eight Months with a Dog

I can’t believe I’ve had Bonita eight months already!!!!

Having her here has been a blessing. She was exactly what I needed. And I think I was what she needed too.

We’ve made such strides in our time together. It’s taken this long for her to start to come to me for pets and snuggles and playtime. After all, she’s learning how to be a person’s dog for the first time at twelve. So you can teach an old dog new tricks, but you have to be patient and let it set the pace. I don’t think I’ll ever have a lapdog or one that fetches a ball. But I do have one that’s happy to spend a workday literally curled around my feet, one of hers pressed again my left one, and who wanted pets and cuddles on the couch after my work day more than she wants her supper. Best of all, when I get up in the morning there is someone eager to throw herself into my arms and kiss me and let me know just how much she missed me overnight. My heart is so full and I never expected I would fall in love this hard.

My little administrative assistant.

I wasn’t interested in a dog that was going to be a lot of work — I wanted a companion, not a child. Bonita came to me housebroken, gentle, and non-destructive. All I had to do was teach her that she’s safe here, that she can trust me, that any hurt I cause her is to make her feel better. Just as I took a chance on her, she took a chance on me, and it means so much to me that she’s accepted me as her human.

With her having been an outdoors dog her whole life, she’s perfectly happy being outside if I’m out for the day as she has shelter, water, and a soft place to snooze. So I never have to “run home and let the dog out,” the way that I’d have to with an indoor dog. Therefore, she really doesn’t particularly run my daily schedule. She does make it trickier to get away for longer periods of time, but that was really the whole point of getting a dog, to motivate me to sit still for a bit and not take too much time off work.

With the way business has been the last few years and how my life has stabilised, I am a mere 15 to 18 months away from being debt-free again, as long as I stay the course and, well, stay home and work, at which point so many more options will open up to me. As we say in my mother tongue, c’est un coup à donner. I had never thought I’d have a dog at this stage of my life and it’s turned out to be the stage where momhood of a senior dog makes absolute sense. She’s about 99% the dog I dreamed of and I know that I’m just about exactly the mom the refuge was hoping against hope would come for her. There is such a thing as fate.

16 thoughts on “Eight Months with a Dog

  1. By the way, you said you had intended to take Bonita for a drive. How did she react to your driving her around. My weenie dog, Toby, always wants his head out the window., and I feel he will jump out when I slow my truck down.

    • B LOVED the couple of truck rides we went on. First ones had the window down enough for air but not enough so she could hurt herself — had the same fear as you! Other ones, windows were up because I had the AC on and she was happy to just sit up and look out the windshield. She’s clearly loves truck rides and is very well behaved during them!

  2. Yes, a sincere & un-mawkish post. I follow so many dog blogs and sites, & often marvel at how few posters express any understanding of what a windfall the right canine accomplice can be. It’s far more usual to read the variety of ways people give themselves a generous pat on the back for having taken in a stray.

  3. Great post! Love hearing about these perfect pairings. I found a great companion for my elderly mother when my dad passed that, in my opinion, saved her life. His name is Willie and he has given her a purpose again. At 81 she lives alone and taking care of Willie gets her up, dressed and out of the house! He was around 5 years old when he came into our lives and very well trained except he was skittish, I believe from neglect.

    Thanks, Kathy

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