Day Six

Florida is less than two hours from Savannah, so I decided to go home by way of there just to say I’d been to Florida. I’d initially planned to spend the late morning in Jacksonville, but several things derailed this plan, including the cold and wet weather that would have prevented me from going to the beach, and an upcoming unplanned trip to Winnipeg that meant I needed to shorten the trip to save money.

So, I drove to the Florida welcome centre:

where I called Winnipeg to schedule my interview, and then I headed back north on a slower road.

I had initially wanted to get home in four or five days using these slower roads, but now that wasn’t an option. I needed to get home much more quickly. So, I eventually returned to I-95 and then shot north past Savannah, hoping to make it to North Carolina that night. But by the time I crossed into South Carolina, it was already late afternoon and I was beat. I got the motel guide and decided to make Florence my destination for the night. I made it to Walterboro, a 100 miles shy of Florence.

Other than going to Florida, and calling Winnipeg from Florida, there was nothing particularly memorable about this day.

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