Correos de Mexico Seems to Be Making Good on Its Promises for Improvement

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I got mail today!

The first item was purchased on Amazon on February 29th. I didn’t realise it was coming through Correos de Mexico and would never have ordered it had I known. DHL got it to the border fairly quickly — Aduana scanned it in on March 11th, and that was the last update. Getting packages to clear customs here is like placing a bet, so lots of fun for folks who like gambling. I would say 75% of things I order from outside Mexico that don’t come from a large company with good brokers, like Amazon, get to customs and never leave.

The second item was a letter from my best friend, who now lives in New York state. She mailed it on April 22nd, so it took less than a month to get here. Transit time for mail has gone from so long that we lose hope and forget about it (up to six months) to about six weeks to now just under four weeks!

I remember when I first came to Mexico how things would just never arrive — the postal system here had a horrible reputation that was well-deserved. It was actually astounding that a country as developed as Mexico lacked a viable postal system. Correos de Mexico has been promising improvements and reforms for about a year now and I’m actually since them happening. I am going to have to give sending something to the U.S. another chance. Nothing has made it there so far and it’s so inconvenient to go to the post office (the one in my neighbourhood is just for distribution and I have to go to a larger one north of me to actually send anything!) that I have been loathe to try. But getting a letter in less than four weeks in the current global climate is making me optimistic.

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