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I’ve been meaning to post a comment policy for ages. This post is not a result of any particular comments I’ve received lately but rather a piece of administrative housekeeping.

Thank you to everyone who comments on this blog. It lets me know that I am not posting in a vacuum. I get really excited when I open my email and a ton of comments pour in!

So the official Travels With Miranda stance on comments is:

-I receive all comments by email, regardless of the age of the post. So you do not need to email me to let me know you commented on an older post.

-All comments on this blog are moderated unless you are a previously approved commenter. So if your comment does not show up, please do not recomment. I will get an email with the comment and if it is legitimate, I will approve and reply to it.

-Legitimate comments with a lot of links or no text (such as someone just commenting with an emoticon or with a punctuation mark) may end up in my comment spam folder. I do not get these comments by email. I go through the spam folder every few days and usually catch the odd legitimate comment, but if I don’t, please don’t be insulted. I get hundreds of spam comments every day and out of the thousands each month, I might get one legitimate comment in there.

-I reserve the right to edit comments. For example, sometimes someone will post a comment with typos and then comment to apologize for the typos. I will delete the second comment and fix the first one (I will not correct typos until the commenter points them out). Another example is someone who has an afterthought; I might merge the two comments together. A third example is someone who posts erroneous information and then follows up with the correct info, I will delete the incorrect information.

-I do not heavily moderate comments, unless I feel that they are particularly inflammatory and will not lead any valuable discussion. I will never delete a comment from someone respectfully disagreeing with me or offering a contrary opinion.

-If your troll comment is particularly good, you may warrant a post where I will mention you by name and post your contact information.

7 thoughts on “Comment Policy For This Blog

  1. Thanks!

    You’re officially the first to comment, but not the first to avail yourself of the ‘Rae will edit comments upon request’ clause. 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Would you send directions so I could send a sponsorship via paypal?

    Sorry to hear about the issues, will your insurance pay for the damage?

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