I think I might have mentioned it once or twice of the winter that the Isla casa didn’t have a comfortable spot for relaxation since both the bed and sofa were hard.

As some of you may have noticed, I have a somewhat leaner profile than when I first started blogging. It might have also been quite obvious that I am an apple shape, with all my weight concentrated in the abdomen area. To get a semblance of a waist, I had to lose weight everywhere else first. The end result was knobby knees, hips, shoulders, and buttocks that desperately need not just padding, but also springiness.

Working this winter was pretty much agonizing. Even after adding a cushion to the computer chair I bought, it wasn’t enough. It felt like I was sitting on daggers, hence why I had such a hard time focusing for long stretches of time. The gals on my weight loss support forum told me to look for a doughnut cushion so that the bones would not press on anything, but I couldn’t find one in Maz.

After so much pain during the day, work was finally done and my only options for relaxing were the sofa, which didn’t have a single soft spot, or the bed, which was barely better. I was okay leaning back on pillows, but not sitting up, and I had to learn to sleep on my back since there was too much pressure on my knees, hips, and shoulders on my side and I would wake up with bruises.

So I spent most of the evening last night at the desk on the computer doing emails and answering blog comments until my behind had firmly enough of all the abuse (the truck seat is no longer comfortable either) and I was tired anyway. So I went to bed and…


It was like sinking into heaven. The mattress was thick and had lots of give. I could roll over without all my knobby bits hitting a hard surface. For the first time in months, I was comfortable and not hurting. It’s amazing the things that the human body can get used to, isn’t it? Pain just became my new normal and I used walking to get out as many kinks as possible.

The room was quite dark and quiet and I fell asleep very fast. I woke up around 4:00 absolutely frozen, though, so I turned on the heat and went back to my comfy nest. I’m going to have to pull the flannel pajamas out of the truck and repack my overnight bag since I didn’t think to take into consideration cold nights when I was sorting my clothes.

It’s also quite cool this morning, so I threw a cardi on over my sundress to schlep down to the office for coffee (still very decent). I’m finishing up my breakfast, I need to get started on my work. I don’t plan to get far tonight and it will likely be a sleep in the truck night. After much deliberation, I have decided to skip Las Cruces and am heading for Truth or Consequences, as accommodation there is cheaper. Bu until I hear about work, there are no motels in my future, so I’m in no hurry to get there.

12 thoughts on “Comfortable

  1. Could you not use your mattress out of Miranda on the cot in the truck and then take it into the rental in Maz? How about using a lawn chair for a computer chair? Some of them are quite comfortable if you could find the right height.

  2. I have a full-size mattress in Miranda. It would not fit in the truck! It is huge and difficult to handle on my own. And it’s not that much softer than the mattress in MX, actually. I was thinking when I left that it was time to replace it or get a pillow top.

    I don’t think I could get a lawn chair that hits all the criteria — height, perfect straight but flexible back, and arm rests at the right height. Come November, I don’t care about customs, I’m bringing my computer chair from home!

  3. I hear you. My metallic replacement knees are not happy with my weight loss. I bought a memory foam mattress pad at Walmart to put on my bed. It is only 1 1/2″ thick but makes a huge difference for me. When new it takes it awhile to decompress and stop smelling but it is worth it! If you decide to get one, open it up first thing in the morning and leave a window open so it will be ready by bedtime.

  4. Next year you should take a memory foam mattress topper with you for the bed. Maybe 3″ thick or so. You will sleep so much better. Maybe a memory foam cushion for the couch and computer chair too. Why suffer? Memory foam isn’t cheap but it’s worth it.

    • Linda, I will bring a topper down next year. Why suffer? I couldn’t afford to buy a topper in MX this winter. The chair was okay when I bought, but got worse and worse. It was just a good reminder to get up and walk!

  5. I have to comment on your phone problems.
    I have a Canadian based US dollar account. I wanted to take some cash out in Florida but could only get it out of my Canadian dollar account in the same bank and pay the exchange. We live here about 15 mins from the U.S. Border so it does help that we can take US dollars out here in Canada but if we lived in say Grande Prairie, Alberta what use would a U.S. Dollar account be? What would we do with US dollars up there.

    I do have a US dollar VISA which you need for your telephone SIM. No good for you.

    If I wanted to take out US dollars I would have to have a US BASED US dollar account. Frustrating!

    • Norma, CIBC keeps telling me I need a USD account and when I read the fine print, I discovered what you did, that I can’t take the money out in the States! Useless, methinks!

  6. Rae, if you remember before I went full-time I had a waterbed (for over 30 years), I was really concerned I would not sleep well. I too bought a memory foam from Wal-Mart for my rig, maybe 3″,… I love my bed. I’m glad I bought one.
    Safe travels & good sleeps.

  7. Maybe spending more for comfortable digs for the winter may be the cure. Cheap gets cheap. Or, you find some good used stuff in Mazatlan next winter and have it taken to the island to replace the hard cheap stuff.

    • Chris, my landlady is going to try to find a more comfortable armchair for me. The computer chair is not her responsibility. I will bring down my own mattress topper since I need to get one for home, too.

      I’m the first really long-term tenant for the apartment, so there are kinks to work out. No one told her how bad the sofa is because no used it every night for six months. The apartment’s otherwise a great deal.

  8. When we travel in the U.S. We pay for everything with our U.S. Dollar VISA then use the U.S. Dollar bank account to pay the U.S. VISA. I can transfer money into that account hopefully when the exchange is favourable that is the positive thing about that account in the TD Bank.

    God knows when the exchange will be favourable again?

    • I get 99% of my income in USD, so I don’t have the luxury of letting it sit around for when I’m in the States. I do have to say that right now is a very good time to be going from USD to CAD!

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