Close Encounters of the Border Patrol Kind

I took a bit of an awkward exit out of the Cost Cutters last night. You have to turn right and then immediately move into the left hand lane. I turned right and soon as I was straight, I signaled that I was going to move left. The car in the left lane behind me sped up the minute I put on my blinker, stayed snug against my bumper, and forced me to stay in the right lane until I had no choice but to exit because of the end of the lane. When I made the turn I was able to see that the car following me at been from the US border patrol. I’m guessing had been able to see that my license was ‘different’ and was probably trying to figure out where I was from. The distance was much too short for him to have had time to radio in anything.

That officer’s curiosity was very dangerous! I had no idea I was being tailed by anyone official and I was scared! I didn’t know the street I was turning onto; maybe he was a maniac planning to force me into a dead end to carjack me. If he hadn’t been riding me so closely, I might have decided to hit the gas and force my way ahead of him, only to discover blinking lights and a ticket for dangerous driving.