Bonita’s Big Adventure

Cuddling on the couch this morning with Bonita, the idle notion that I needed to schedule her for a follow-up at the vet was brought to the forefront when huge clumps of fur started coming off one of her ears, revealing very raw skin. Huh.

I contacted the nearby vet. They really wanted me to go to their 24-hour clinic across town that has English-speaking staff, but I was adamant about going to the one I can walk to. I did the beach dog’s vet stuff all in Spanish, so I knew I wouldn’t have any issues. I was finally able to make an appointment to take her in for 3:00.

Bonita was happy about the walk until we got about half of the way down Calle 60 and then she decided that she did not like loud traffic coming so close to her. Finally, she planted her butt down and would not budge. Thankfully we were literally in the parking lot of the clinic. I picked her up and brought her inside. Good girl!!!

The checkup went very well. They want her on antibiotics for two more weeks and I have to clean her ear with an antibacterial shampoo twice a week for a month. She’s gained almost half a kilo since she arrived and is now at her target weight!

The vet asked if she goes out and has contact with other dogs. I explained that I’m avoiding walking her as per the refuge’s recommendation and the vet said that’s good. As it turns out, her tick disease has compromised her immune system and the odds are too high of her contracting something from a sick dog in the neighbourhood. The odd walk to keep her stimulated and able to be walked is fine, but, really, she needs to stick to the yard. So that’s settled!

Bonita was such a good girl during her checkup and after getting her blood work she launched herself into my arms for comfort, just like a child would. Awwwwwww. I’m officially her human!

The walk home was much easier because there was barely any traffic and we were facing it. The trip took half the time.

Of course this fancy city vet was muuuuch more expensive than the beach vet, but it’s the only full service clinic I can walk to so it’s worth the premium even though I know there are less expensive vets out there. The visit and blood work were about 52CAD and then her meds and shampoo were an addition 34CAD. I’m glad I budgeted high because I came in about two pesos under my max budget. 😀 I need to go back in a few days with 1,000 pesos to buy her a giant bag of her high quality premium food and then that will be the end of the big dog expenses for a few months. She’s so worth it!

8 thoughts on “Bonita’s Big Adventure

  1. Nice to have the vet confirm what you are already doing in terms of minimal walks. Nice to see Bonita confirm you as her human, too.

    • The refuge people’s request was based on decades of their own experience with dogs and a decade of experience with this particular dog. So it was enough to me. But I know that only a vet’s say-so would be good enough for a lot of readers who are pushing me to take her out more. Of course, the vet was also worried about the size of her yard and was happy with my answer.

      For what it’s worth, in the mornings between our walk around the property and playing tag, my Fitbit says we clock in at just under 2KM (1.25 miles), and we do almost as much in the evenings when I’m done with work. She’s getting plenty of exercise!

    • I haven’t seen Meadow Feast here. According to their site, they’re located more in northwest Mexico, although there is a distributor next door in QR.

      I’ve got her on Diamond Naturals senior formula. It’s a top quality food and easily accessible to me at the vet a few blocks from my house, which was super important to me because I don’t want to keep switching her diet.

      She doesn’t seem super keen on it, but she is eating it and I can see improvements in her coat and in her stool over the crap she was eating before.

  2. Diamond Naturals is also a good dog food. I know that Bonita is a senior dog but don’t let their senior formula sway your choice.

    I am a big believer in No Grain formulas. Give her a try with some Diamond Naturals Grain-Free CAGE-FREE CHICKEN & SWEET POTATO FORMULA FOR DOGS.

    My dog loves sweet potato treats so that may something that Bonita will like better. The nutrition for this formula and the senior formula are very similar.

    Bon Appetit

    • Bonita’s food was selected for her by a vet based on the results of the checkup she had before I brought her home so that we could address some nutritional deficiencies. I also thought that grain-free would be best for her, but she’s very old and not extremely active, so a lower protein diet is actually better for her.

  3. Along with living vicariously through you, I also love reading your stories about your experiences with Bonita. 🙂

    I think your walkabouts and playing around on your property are great exercise for an 11-year-old perra. In my opinion, she will continue bonding with you, because you are her ONLY contact, but most of all, you ARE her human!!!

    • I’m glad folks aren’t too bored with my adventures as a first-time dog mom. 🙂

      I think she’s getting enough exercise as well. And we are definitely bonding more every day!

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