Bones and Buckshot: a scene from a Saskatchewan dinner

Last night, Caroline decided to make a special dinner for my neighbours K&T and myself. She cooked up three pheasants Charles had hunted last year and made them into coq au vin.

So fast forward to dinner time and I took my first scoop of the stew, surprised to find lots of bone shards, similar to getting a whole fish with the bone in. As it turned out, the bones had shattered during the butchering process. Once I picked everything clean, I found myself with a very tasty meal. C&C’s pheasant was absolutely delicious and not at all what I expected, very mild flavoured when I’d expected an overpowering gamey taste. It was very tender as well.

Meanwhile, poor T took a bite and CRUNCH. We thought she’d caught a bone as well, but, lo and behold, it was a piece of buckshot that Caroline had missed during the cleaning process.

I’m new to eating this sort of thing so I had to process that for a second, finally saying, “You know, I’ve never eaten anything with bullets in it before.”

That’s when we all lost it.

Maybe you just had to be there.

4 thoughts on “Bones and Buckshot: a scene from a Saskatchewan dinner

  1. Grin, anybody who has eaten wild game birds on a regular bases knows you eat it like you eat fish “berry carefully”. Yup, the stuff is delicious. Mom fixed our pheasant buried under a layer of dressing/stuffing because Dad skinned his birds. Easier to find where the shot entered the bird and he hated plucking.

  2. At least buckshot doesn’t explode when bitten. The only hunted thing I’ve ever eaten was rabbit and Dad killed it with an arrow so we didn’t have to worry. Tasted like chicken. 🙂

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