Bob’s Burgers and Brews, Birch Bay

I was told by several people this month that I just ‘had’ to try out Bob’s Burgers and Brews at some point. This local burger chain is apparently an institution. Well, I ran out of propane tonight and didn’t want to fill the small tank since I’ll be filling the on board one on Tuesday, so I decided that a burger and a brew sounded more appealing than a peanut butter sandwich.

The menu has burgers, salads, wraps, and a few platters. I opted for a chicken wrap with bacon, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, and crunchy tortilla strips in a tomato tortilla. It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! Very flavourful, with a good mix of textures. I wish I’d known how huge the sandwich was going to be and ordered a salad instead of ‘jojos’, which are potato wedges. Tasty, but I had about four out of about four dozen! The portions were insane!

With my meal I enjoyed the brew of the day, an Indian Pale Ale from Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham. Yu-um. A bit spicy and quite fruity. Washington beers are making me forget my favourite Yukon brews!

Service was excellent. The servers were very cheerful and attentive without being pushy. I was served promptly, brought water at the same time as my drink order was taken, did not have to sit long before my pint arrived,  waited a reasonable amount of time for my food, was allowed to eat in peace with only one interruption, and was promptly relieved of my plate and brought a bill when I asked for it.

The place was packed and I can understand why: excellent food + good service + reasonable prices. A winner! With the tip and taxes, dinner came to $18. Without the beer, it would have been $13.