Beer On the Porch

Laura came over around 7:30 to get some more information I had printed out for her. It was a nice evening, just a little cool, so I had put out some chairs in case she wanted to have a beer and a chat. She did, so we gabbed for about an hour. I love having a semblance of a porch since it’s so rare that I host others (but not rare for me to bring beverages to share at a gathering). L thinks that once my awning is down regularly, my porch will be all the more inviting.

I hadn’t had dinner and thought I was too tired to cook, but Laura brought me some fresh picked green beans! Green beans are on my list of most favourite things in the universe, so after she left, I put together a dinner of a teeny amount of rice, a chicken breast, and a giant mound of green beans. YUM!!!

I still have some transcription left to do and am going to power through then have a long hot shower. My wrists and lower arms are going to be soooooore tomorrow!