Battery Monitor, Laundry Day, and Friends

The battery monitor at present is claiming that I have about 5A coming in, which matches what the solar array monitor is claiming. It’s taken me a while to understand how the monitor displays incoming amps, even though it is very obvious. If I am using amps, there is a minus before the number. If amps are coming in, I get a positive number. I’m going to hook up the truck again tonight and see what the number is like so I will know if there really is any point to running the truck for an hour a day or not.

I now know that in the high part of the day, with more than 5A coming in, I can charge my computer without taking anything out of the battery bank (it draws 4A), but I only get 1A coming in. So what this tells me is to get that battery bank charged out to the max and then only charge my computer in the middle part of sunny days. This is a best case scenario, of course.

I’m heading out shortly to do laundry, having found a laundromat on the road into Port Lavaca. A wash is $1.50 and drying starts at 25 cents. I do believe this is only the second time since I hit the road that I am going to be putting laundry in my toad and driving to a laundromat. The first was in Eugene, and only because my hosts requested a lift to one, so it made sense to do mine at the same time.

I suppose I could set my Wonder Wash up on a picnic table near the public bathrooms and haul water, which I have done before, but since I’m not paying for anything here, I’m loathe to look so settled and use up so much water. I am just about out of water on the on board tank and will be filling a four gallon jug for the week, but it would take more than that to get through my current mountain of laundry. So the laundromat makes sense. I’ll bring the iPad and get some work done on my ebook.

As for friends, I got an email from my Colorado neighbours, R&S, asking me to call them so we can square away my little road trip to Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, and Nuevo Progreso. I made sure that they were not coming back just for me and then we agreed that they would watch the rig Thursday and possibly Friday night. The plan is to leave early Thursday, spend the morning in Port Aransas, the afternoon in Corpus Christi, and then drive to near the border to spend the night. Friday, I will cross early-ish, do some exploring and possibly shopping, have lunch, then go to my appointment at the dentist. If the border crossing is less painful than the one I had in Tijuana, I will drive straight home Friday evening. Otherwise, I will sleep en route and return Saturday morning. The plan at this point is to sleep in the truck, but if I find a motel under $50 I am going to splurge so that I can get a nice long shower!

Saturday evening, there is a concert at the Indianola Marina, which I have promised to attend with R&S. So the week’s schedule is filling up nicely!