Balancing the Books

I just caught up on two months worth of bookkeeping, WHEW. The amazing thing is that I am so conscious of my spending that I balanced very nearly to the penny even though I did not have receipts for everything and I was juggling several currencies.

So this means that I finally have the cost of my hedonistic five days in London. I am not including airfare because I was going through London whether I stayed there or not. I think I did quite well considering how expensive the city is! My London trip costs, broken up by categories, with all expenses in CAD:

Accommodation: $222.00

Public Transportation (Oyster): $65

Attractions: $128 (thankfully, the British museum was free!)

Food (including afternoon tea at $55): $255

Souvenir (Moleskine notebook): $20

Total: $690 ($138 per day, counting my arrival and departure days as all expenses for those days were in London)

My first month in Bulgaria was extraordinarily cheap, even less expensive that Mexico, because I had no rent to pay here and no household setup costs since the house is so well equipped. I don’t feel that revealing my entire budget is relevant, but here were my Bulgaria costs for July, remembering that I live in a tiny village with few opportunities to spend money!

Food (including beer and my very few restaurant meals): $299

Public transportation (two round trips to Sofia, two taxi rides): $29

Household: $8 (this is just toilet paper and paper towels, which are extraordinarily cheap here!)

Toiletries: $8 (shampoo, body lotion, body wash (I only came with small carry on sizes), razors)

Telecom (SIM card, plus top up cards, of which I still have 20BGN outstanding!): $36

Hotel: $93 (for two nights)

Movie: $10

Tourism (two walking tours): $20

Total: $503

4 thoughts on “Balancing the Books

  1. That’s awesome Rae!
    You’ve got me thinking of a baby sitting job for the winter in the states.

    Have you got/decided where to next. Yes, you have another almost 2 months to go there, but any ideas you’re leaning to?

    So you enjoyed your day off?


  2. $503 for a month in Bulgaria is incredible! No wonder people move there from Britain. I am sure a trip to the seaside is in the planing stages and I am looking forward to that adventure.

    In the meantime you got to one more town although unfortunately, just just to the grocery store part.

    • Don’t forget that’s $500 WITHOUT rent. It would have been about $1,000 with rent.

      All the towns here appear to be pretty similar… 🙂

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