As Good as an Apology from Passport Canada

The consular agent just called and also emailed to let me know that three things are on their way to me by FedEx and will arrive on Monday:

-my new passport;
-my original birth certificate; and…
-as “an exception to make up for any inconvenience they may have caused,” my damaged passport that they were adamant on not returning to me.


(Always nice to have it validated that your government has been treating you like a pariah, especially when you are criticised for complaining about them treating you like a pariah.)

Now, to trust that FedEx can get my passport here. Not a small matter, I know, considering how they have messed up every order sent to me by them since I got to Mérida, but it’s going to Mailboxes, etc. and not here, so I’m sure they know where that is and can make it.

I’m just so relieved and may actually be able to enjoy my weekend!

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