Another Blowout

Yes, I know I need new tires, contrary to what every person who has looked at my tires lately has said. That’s going to happen before I leave SK in June.

That’s pretty much all I have to say right now. I’m 35 miles east of Minot and there is a tire repair truck on its way. They are the only mobile tire place in Minot and they only have new tires. So this is going to end up costing about $300 ($170 for the tire and the rest for the service call).

It was a good driving day until about 15 minutes ago. Now, I just feel really cursed and even more broke than I did a couple of weeks ago. And I’m exhausted.

4 thoughts on “Another Blowout

  1. I rarely swear but damn, girl, it’s time for you to catch a good break. Hopefully, that means your border crossing will go quickly and smoothly.

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