An Extremely Productive Day Off

My last full day off was October 13th. I’ve since had the odd half-day or been able to finish early enough to have a full-ish evening, but, really, I’ve been riding it hard. Last week in particular was nuts and today had to be a day off.

Of course, I woke up at the crack of dawn raring to go on my massive to-do list!

I started off by playing with Bonita, then put on laundry and weeded a jumbo garbage bag’s worth of plants from the yard. Then, coffee and catching up on emails with my dog snoring at my side.

Just as I was thinking of getting going again, B’s groomer texted to say she was nearby and could come cut her nails. Great timing! B was sooo relaxed during that. Her groomer says that she can’t believe the progress B is making at being less skittish.

My truck battery died over a week ago and I haven’t had time to deal with that. So after B’s spa treatment, I walked over to a nearby battery store to get a quote for the cheapest they have (since I only likely have two years of use left on the truck). They quoted me the same as Autozone and Sam’s Club had, so I messaged my mechanic to see if he can find me a good condition used battery.

Somewhere in all of this, I did some research about my iPad Mini 2’s battery drain issues (yes, there was a theme to my day off!). I ran some diagnostics and learned that the battery is fine and that the battery issues are software-related. To my surprise, while I was told to skip iOS 11, which I thought meant my iPad was now obsolete, iOS 12 was getting rave reviews for reviving many a tired iPad Mini 2! So I updated the iPad and spent some time exploring the new features.

Since I had diagnostic tools running, I performed a battery check on my phone and discovered that its battery was definitely toast! I was quite crushed as I really like that phone and don’t otherwise have any reason to want another. I looked at the used market here and ascertained that to go to a used iPhone 7 would be around 6,500 pesos. So that was surprisingly doable if I could find a used one I could trust. But I really didn’t want a new phone, so I decided to look into a new a battery. I’d priced a battery replacement for my iPad and it didn’t make sense (thousands of pesos). Well, to my immense surprise, I discovered that my model of iPhone is eligible for a 649-peso battery replacement service, but I only had until December 31st to qualify!!!!!!!

I made an appointment at 12:40 with the Apple repair place around the corner. Unfortunately, they could not get the new battery for at least a week and I’d have to leave the phone that long. I came home and decided to check with other service centres. The only one that could take me before December 31st was a very expensive Uber ride away. I decided to call the one at Gran Plaza, as that’s super easy to bus to, and scored a cancellation spot at 4PM today. I also had to go to HSBC to pay the rent so instead of going to the branch I normally walk to, I could go to the one in Gran Plaza.

Just after I got off the phone, B’s groomer messaged again that she had the flea and tick meds I’d ordered and could she come drop them off? Again, great timing. Did that and then headed off to Gran Plaza where I did the bank stuff and then treated myself to a late lunch and a very expensive ice cream that I only get on days when I’ve put in a lot of steps.

It was only about 3:40 by the time I got to iShop but I asked to see the new Mac Mini, which I am ordering this week!!!, and the new MacBook Air, which is gorgeous (pink!!!) and has a muuuuch better keyboard. I also looked at and priced a couple of USB-C to USB-A hubs, just for FYI since my Mini will come with four USB-C ports.

The service tech was able to take me early and handing over the phone was more work than I remembered from the last time I had to do that. And because of that last time, I had an older but perfectly serviceable phone to put my chip into so that I could at least receive calls while my good phone was in the shop. You know, Apple gets a lot of flack for “bricking” devices early, but they made it possible for me today to revive my ancient iPad Mini and iPhone 6, never mind that they replaced the 5C for me after it self-destroyed. Credit should be given where it is due.

I thought to get groceries after but was zonked. So I just got on a bus and went home. There, I eventually ordered tacos, which were taking forever to arrive. I thought the Uber Eats map wasn’t working, so I went to Google, which shows traffic. Those red sections explain why the delivery guy appeared to not be moving!

It’s now 9:30 and just about time for bed, but… I just remembered I forgot to get my laundry off the line! Hey, at least I didn’t forget it in the washer!

B’s snoring beside me. She’s had a full day too!

7 thoughts on “An Extremely Productive Day Off

  1. That didn’t sound to me like a day off but I do know what you mean. I remember fairly early into retirement wondering how people had time to work.

  2. Those have been my days since retiring and getting ready to move to Mexico.
    Glad I am not working either or I wouldn’t make it.
    Wiping your mind clean by being physical is awesome.

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