An Extremely Lazy Productive Day

I was up around 5:30 this morning because I went to bed so early. Knowing this would be my last chance for a down day until my first weekend in Mexico, I stayed in bed for nearly three hours doing some Spanish studies on my iPad. So, lazy, but productive. 🙂

When I finally got up, I did get dressed, but I very quickly wound up in my lounge chair with an exceedingly good cup of coffee and more Spanish exercises. I passed the entire morning that way, getting up only to do the work involved in getting a clean load of laundry onto the clothesline!

I’ve been working on my Spanish all summer, but I’m rather at cramming time now. We’ll see if there are any improvements when I get to the border! I use the free Duolingo app, something I wish had existed all those years ago when I was first learning the language. It allows me to do grammar drills, write (need to work on those pesky accents), repeat back, comprehend orally and in writing, and more. I can’t believe it’s free. I’ve worked through the entire program and am now working on strengthening exercises for the verbs. I wish I could find a similar application that would go from French to Spanish because the verbs would make a ton more sense that way. I keep finding myself translating from English to French to Spanish, and back again.

This afternoon, I started packing in earnest! I’ve really only got the kitchen and office to close up now, as well as add a few things to the clothing bin and pack up the suitcase for the trip down. But don’t think I’m anywhere ready to go. It will be quite a flutter of activity Wednesday and Thursday as I start to close down the property and load up the truck!

4 thoughts on “An Extremely Lazy Productive Day

  1. You are making me soooooo excited! Wave eastward when you go across I-80 in Wyoming. I’ll be waving back!

    We are finishing packing the RV this week except for clothes. Then two more weeks and we are gone, too. I feel like a seven year old trying to wait for Christmas.

  2. I will wave!

    You’re too funny. I’m very happy for you! The only thing that is making the wait to Friday bearable is the election tomorrow is overshadowing everything else!

  3. I was certainly never fluent in either Spanish or Bulgarian – perhaps not English. However, when I first started learning Bulgarian I would hear the word and think of it in Spanish then English. After living in Bulgaria for two years I took a month vacation in Ecuador prior to returning to the United States. When I arrived there someone would ask me a question in Spanish and I would reply in Bulgarian. I would get a very puzzled look and would then realize what I had done and try to find the correct Spanish words to reply.

    • Ed, that’s funny. I do that, too, using a language while thinking I’m using another, depending on where my mind is at any given moment.

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